About Us

A few words about our history and founding


Formed in 2018, the Armstrong Wetlands Association (AWA) is dedicated to protecting wetlands in Armstrong.

Preserving these areas will sustain wildlife and plant habitat, mitigate flooding, and purify water.

Our current board of directors includes:

  • Jill de la Salle, President
  • Michele Hill, Vice President
  • Marge Sidney, Treasurer
  • Ruth McDougall, Secretary
  • Claire Peyton, Director
  • Dorianne Kohl, Director
  • Claire Majors, Director

Our strategy is to work collaboratively with landowners, community members, First Nations, all levels of government, and conservation organizations to ensure that the legacy of wetlands remains in Armstrong.

AWA raises awareness of the importance of conserving wetlands through landowner outreach programs, workshops, newspaper articles, and newsletters.


Since its formation, AWA has successfully:

  • identified sensitive wetland areas in Armstrong;
  • connected with other conservation organizations;
  • communicated the interest in preservation to landowners;
  • attended farmers’ markets to promote wetland awareness;
  • received an operational fees grant for $1,850 from the City of Armstrong;
  • co-hosted a BC Wildlife Federation Wetlandkeepers workshop; and
  • been granted permission by the City of Armstrong to begin phase 1 of enhancing a small city-owned wetland.

Thanks to our Supporters, Partners & Donors