we have a few simple objectives

Our organization is involved in several local initiatives in Armstrong, BC.

Local Policy

AWA is involved in establishing criteria to guide future development of sensitive wetland areas in Armstrong. We will be encouraging council to solicit our input in any new developments.

Wetland Awareness

AWA promotes public awareness of the importance of wetlands through future signage and outreach at public events.  The Climate Action group has created a play relaying the importance of retaining wetlands. The play “Wild Wonder” was written by Willow GlimmCannon and Phoenix GlimmCannon and will be performed by children and adults in local schools and on stage in 2023.

Research and Environmental Landscaping

AWA will be conducting an environmental study on a centrally located city-owned wetland. The study will determine if creating a pond would benefit the ecosystem. If approved, AWA will organize the design and construction of a pond with hillocks and berms in this location. A boardwalk, viewing platform, and signage will provide educational opportunities for school field trips and the general public. The following plan shows the property we are hoping to enhance. Meighan Creek is on the north border, and Okanagan Street is on the east.

Fundraising goals, memberships, and Future Initiatives

We will be working in 2023 to grow our capacity including online donations, newsletter, membership incentives. As well, we will be working with the City of Armstrong on several ongoing initiatives.

Help us raise money to preserve sensitive wetland habitat in Armstrong