Special Visitors are seen in the wetlands

Anyone who came to Hukulak Park and walked along the trail by Meighan Creek on Saturday were surprised, maybe enchanted to see the Special Visitors along the trail.

Armstrong Wetland Association and Runaway Moon Theatre worked together on this two-fold project. The first was the mask making. People came for all 3 mornings of the workshop while some stopped in for as long as they could. But whatever time people could spare, Cathy Stubington made sure they were hands on either stuffing the heads, shaping them or covering them with papier mache.

The second part was featuring them as “Special Visitors” along the Meighan Creek Trail through Huculak Park to draw attention to this amazing habitat right in the centre of town. It is a resource worth cherishing for its importance to wildlife and water conservation, and as a wonderful place for us to walk and enjoy.

Thanks to all of the people who helped make the masks and who brought them to life in the wetlands. The masks will be in the care of Runaway Moon Theatre but will appear again in the future.