Wetland Keepers Workshop and ensuing project

The B C Wildlife Federation held a Wetland Keepers Workshop in Armstrong and Spallumcheen this spring. Part of the field work was in the wetlands bordering Okanagan Street. As we walked along the path by Meighan Creek, it was suggested that we try to build a pond and enhance the City owned piece of wetland.

As a result of this idea and their encouragement, AWA met with the planner Dan Passmore and Councilor Fowler. They encouraged us to approach council for approval to move forward.

On Sept. 6 AWA attended a council meeting with our request. The staff recommendation was adopted unanimously and enthusiastically

DELEGATION(S)4.a) Armstrong Wetlands Association (AWA)
Jill de la Salle, Leslie Barton, Dianne Wells Re: 3185 Okanagan Street

Recommendation: That staff meet with the Armstrong Wetlands Association and investigate the viability of their proposal to construct habitat and create an educational area within the City owned piece of property, civic address 3185 Okanagan Street, and report back to Council.

The news article is from the Okanagan Advertiser Sept. 8 / 22 edition